Monday, December 19, 2016


"Wednesday next," said Oom Leo, "You go with me on the waterbus to Rotterdam."

It was a beautiful day; it felt like Spring.
We saw the old houses on the waterfront in Dordrecht, a marina full of old sailboats, yellow and black water taxis zipping around, and cargo boats being loaded. We saw "a million euros a metre" yachts; the taps, they say, are made of gold. 
We saw a newly launched boat, bright with brand new green paint. 
We saw an Ark, built full-size.  "With Jesus," said a banner on the side, "you won't miss the boat."

We went all the way to Rotterdam, and stopped on the peninsula of Heijplaat, which, 100 years ago, was a community completely developed by the shipbuilding company which owned the land, from the houses and churches to the grocery store and park.
"I like it here; it's quiet," said Oom Leo.
 A village inside the big city.

"It's a catamaran." said Kevin, grinning. "It feels way faster when you're out here."

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