Sunday, December 25, 2016


When I was a little girl, every year my Tante Lina would send me a present for my birthday. When you are one of many children, it's quite something to get a big package in the mail that is only for you. I spent a lot of time thinking about Tante Lina, whom I was named for, but had never seen (except for as a newborn).
And so I was very happy to finally be able to visit her on Saturday.
 Her English is limited to one phrase, she told me, ("Shall I wash the dishes?") from her one visit to Canada as a teenager. However, her daughters were home (my cousins!), and they had excellent English.
 "From watching movies," they said, "and English audiobooks." (This is not the first time I had heard how useful movies are for learning English. I need to think about this for my children's french acquisition.)
Here we are with Anna. "The one who looks like you when you were younger." said Kevin.

They had toys all ready for the children; a duplo train with a battery-operated engine that made Oliver laugh with incredulous glee, and lots of little dollies with extra outfits to try on.

Here's KE, escaping from Wendy. Wendy was so similar in temperament and personality to my sister Wendy that Kevin and I couldn't help but mention it. I know you can't completely see what a person is like in a short visit, but wow. Wendy IS Wendy.
She made her dress herself, and was working on knitting a scarf while we talked. 


Kent got lots of attention; here he is with Weike. 

Tante Lina, who has been a widow since her girls were little, asked Kevin to help fix their garden gate. He did so, and told her that if she had any other jobs that needed doing she could save them up until the next time he comes. 
Whenever that will be. 
It made me feel wistful. I was so glad to meet this part of my family, but who knows if I will ever see them again.

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