Thursday, December 22, 2016

OpenAir Museum

We started off with a tram ride to the second stop. We began to look into the historic buildings, and the children asked when we could go back on the tram. We tried a sample of apple pear stroop, with no added ingredients - delicious! The children asked when we could go back on the tram. We peeked into a worker's house from Tilburg, going back in time with each window we looked into.  The children asked about the tram...
So we hopped back on and went all the way around the village.  The children were not the only ones who really wanted to ride the tram! 


All the drivers and conductors had mustaches. I wondered if it was in the job description. "Must be able to grow a moustache if hired." 
Kevin need not apply. 

When we got off, 
we found a stable full of vintage children's games. I was happy to see shuffleboard, 
... sad to discover that I'd lost my touch. Of course, I was holding Kent on one arm; I could say he was cramping my style. But then again, this is who I am now; a lady with a baby attached. 

This was a favourite part; one farm wife let the children roast "broodjes" (bread dough spiralled around a stick). We sat around the fire together turning our sticks. "I could stay here all day," said Kevin. 



We did a shrubbery maze, patterned after one from Amsterdam that had been destroyed in WW2.

And then we found the playground. "Take a picture here;" said Kevin, "this is what they will remember."

To be continued...

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