Tuesday, December 6, 2016


In the afternoon, we spent some time in the backyard and at the beach across the road. It's hard to see, but in the arch made by the two trees on the right, there is a rooster. Crowing away. Perhaps he thinks it is sunrise; certainly the afternoons have a dimness to them that makes me think of sunset or sunrise.

Our hostess lent the children a big pail of shovels and beach toys, so we headed beachward next. 
Past the 19th century replica chicken coop where the 21st century chickens live (with one duck, who thinks he is a chicken),
Through the gate and over the bridge, 
Up over the dike,

... to the edge of the "Lek."

Our bedroom has a lovely, big window looking out over the water.
When we were first shown the room, I gushed a little to our hostess about how awesome it was to be able to sit up here and watch the boats and the water. She looked at me with just the slightest touch of mystification. "That is just de lek," she said. As if it was the most ordinary thing in the world.
But it isn't exactly ordinary, to see these container ships coming up and down the lek so close to us. 
Here's our window, at the top of the house: 

 And a ship, just across the way

and the children playing as the sky slowly changes to shades of evening. 

I am thankful to the Creator of all this glorious mud and sand that I brought their rubber boots.

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