Monday, February 9, 2015

on (not) sleeping through the night.

I'm tired today. As I was yesterday. And the day before that. You see, I'm trying to teach O to sleep through the night. He's almost 1, and it's about time.
I remember doing this much earlier with my girls; there's something about having a third child makes me delay tackling the issues. I'll have to be careful to be aware of his character training. Sleeping through the night is not a big deal, but it would be terrible to delay tackling, say, an unkindness problem he could have.
Charlotte Mason managed character training with whole schools of children. I wonder... I expect she was just very organized.

I'm praying that he'll stay asleep (and not need rocking) soon!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Drawing Monday

I really like these kids. God is good.

Our drawing, using the Monart Method, has been progressing wonderfully.  We've been getting together with Nanny and her home-care worker every Monday and enjoying a drawing time.
Today, Katherine drew a fabulous parrot. Unfortunately for me, she gave it to Daddy to take to work.

The 'drawing tip' of the day was "Use the whole paper," because it looks more like art if you do that.


She's fascinated by biology. Skin, blood, teeth, what's inside your bones, where babies come from, and lately, milk bottles. Last week she told me that she "couldn't sleep well, because when people have small milk bottles they can't sleep well."