Monday, December 5, 2016

Remember when

We went to an open air market in Dordrecht Centrum today. Kevin wouldn't stop long enough for a picture. "I want it so I will remember." I protested.
"Remember that we spent a bunch of time here taking pictures?" he asked, and walked on with the children.
I wanted to remember the sizzling hot patate frite in a paper cone. The doves who came right to our feet to ask for food. The bakery stalls filled with all the delicious Dutch foods I am worried we may not have enough time to eat. The band of Zarte Peits, playing carnival music as they walked through the market. Most of all , I want to remember how it felt to be us, here. I am so thankful to God for this time together!

Later, we had supper with Oom Leo and family. I was afraid it would be hard, because I did not know them, and because I speak very bad Dutch, but it was very nice. 
Family ties transcend social boundaries; perhaps because we know all the same people, or perhaps because of loyalty? Whatever it is, I am very glad to know them now! 


  1. You're right. You won't remember it all without pictures.
    Eat a stroopwaffle for me.

    1. Consider it done. And done. And done, and done, and oh, the package is empty...
      Want me to bring you something in particular, since I'll be seeing you so soon after we get back?

  2. I know you didn't ask me, but I would like a package of krakelingen.

  3. Yes, pictures and more pictures!