Sunday, December 11, 2016


We took a little jaunt to Utrecht on Thursday.
Saw another of these enormous trees:

And stopped for a burger at Meneer's. I recommend it; everything tasted like real food. Ideally, I wouldn't have to mention that, but there it is.

The girls were glad to see mayo on the tables for the fries.

Actually, it's a bit sweeter than mayonnaise; like they added a bit of sugar. I prefer plain mayo, but this is still better than ketchup to the girls and I.
When we had supper at my Oom Leo's, there was this toothpaste-style tube on the table. Kevin passed it to me. "Want some ketchup?" he asked. I feel mildly embarrassed about my litre of ketchup in the fridge back home. How excessive.

We ate burgers, and KE
 Ate Kevin.

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