Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The church we have been attending only has one service on Sundays, so this week we were able to go to a carol sing/choir concert at St Mary's Anglican in Rotterdam on Sunday night.
  It was standing room only when we arrived (slightly late, I will admit). The churchwarden found us a few chairs and we crammed ourselves into the back; the children happily sitting on the floor where they could wiggle undetected. 

One of the first songs they sang:

Achingly beautiful. I'm not going to say that the choir was as good as the King's College Choir, but it was amazing to be sitting there, to  join the voices singing about Jesus' advent here, to think about the goodness of God, to be part of the music.
I looked over at Kevin, afraid he was just surviving this for my sake (too many female voices, don't you know), but even he was thoroughly enjoying himself. 

Do not ask me about the unicorn; I do not know why. 

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