Friday, December 23, 2016

Openlucht museum

As soon as I stepped into the bridge with O, he started to bounce the bridge. Just like his father, that one. 

Making sure KE had a good time too. Not a bad thing, to be just like this man.

When we got to the herb garden (patterned after a monastery garden from around 867AD, the children ran into it. "We were pretending it was Mr. MacGregor's garden." said K.

And here's how you go sledding when you have no snow!
I think the ice is frozen from beneath; at this temperature, everything should be slushy. 

We finished up at the town square, where E, K, and I played a carnival game, Kevin hit the bell with the strong man's hammer, and the children rode the carousel. If you look closely, you can see O driving the VW bus.

E knocked down a surprising lot of tins, and won a prize: a droppie candy! I probably shouldn't admit this, with her Dutch heritage, but she's never even tried one. 
She ate the head off (it was a cat), and I got the rest. She's always been good at sharing. 

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