Monday, December 26, 2016

North Sea

When we were in Scheveningen visiting Madurodam, we were so close to the North Sea that we took a detour on our way home to take a look.
It was shades of grey and palest blue, with a wide spread of clean sand. We saw people flying kites in the wind. You could see that in summer, this would be a busy spot. 

Three weeks ago, when Kevin was at the park with the children, he saw a fish truck. Normally, he doesn't go for food trucks, but this fish smelled so good that he decided to go back later and have lunch.  Unfortunately, when we went back, the truck was gone. And it wasn't there when we checked back in on several different occasions.
Another day, when we were doing laundry in GrootAmers, we were eating lunch while watching a ferry, and saw the truck again. By the time we were done, though; it was gone. 
Even in Scheveningen, amongst all the fish restaurants and takeout spots, we still weren't able to find a fish truck. 
 You can see where this is headed. 

We have one more day to find that truck! 

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