Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We were so happy to find a good, reformed English service to attend on Sunday in Delft. Last Sunday, we went to a Church of Scotland (Scots International Church) in Rotterdam and were dismayed to find it very like the United Church in Canada.
We had to walk a little to find 'De Genestekerk' where the services were held; the location had been changed, and there was no parking nearby. 
Behind me in the picture above, you can see the leaning tower of the Old Church of Delft. At the top, the tower leans 2 metres to the left.

To find the Genestekerk, we went into a dark covered alley filled with bicycles, came out into a mossy bricked courtyard, and went in some big, green-painted doors. We were glad to be able to follow someone else in.
I'm putting this here hoping it will help a fellow traveller or two who are looking for a good Christian church to worship with as they stay in the Netherlands.

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