Monday, December 5, 2016


Kent is getting so much love these days with both his mommy and his daddy available more than usual. He smiles and laughs for us, and the other morning distinctly said "doozy" several times to indicate that I needed to change him. He also says "hi," slow and gentle, as if his intent is only to charm.

We stopped at my Opa's grave this morning to pay our respects, and then visited with my Oma.  

We had a very nice chat in Dutch. Yes, I was surprised, too; I didn't realize I spoke the language. Good thing I did, though; she spoke slightly disapprovingly of my brother' visit and how he didn't know a word of Dutch, and could only sit beside her and look at pictures. 
I asked her how she met Opa. She couldn't remember exactly; in the end we concluded that young people from her village (Nieuw Lekkerland) wandered toward Kinderdyk, and young people from Kinderdyk wandered toward Nieuw Lekkerland, and so they met. 
I think there is probably a better way to translate her, but that was what I heard! 

Opa grew up in the house where the Stam bakery in Kinderdyk is today; 12 children in a small house. She said there was a loft where he slept until he married and moved down the road. 

She also told me that KA was probably teething, and likely having lots of dirty diapers because of it. Which was true. 

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  1. Dinah, I am so happy for you all! This is lovely!