Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lunchtime chatter

This morning, K was delighted to find a large Thomas for O's birthday present. 
She was very reluctant to wait till Tuesday to give it to him, but eventually I talked her into it. Maybe I shouldn't have; I don't know. 
She certainly let him know what he was getting. Here it is, beside her plate at lunchtime. She has our old Duplo Thomas beside him. 
"...and that's why this one is so big;" she's saying. "...cause it had to go to the engine hospital and have a baby. He had him in his boiler."

E is saying, "I wish I wasn't in this family so I could get married to one of us."

O: "I wish I was in another family, too."
E: "No, you have to stay in this one; we would not want to marry you. Just KE and Dad."

KE, meanwhile,  is just happy to have a spatula. He is not worrying about marriage.

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