Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

 Mother's Day 2015. E made me a picture with 2 hearts on it. I slept in till 7:30, which threw off the morning and landed me at church flustered and frizzy.  E was wearing boots (forecast: 23* celcius), and KA was wearing a small green hat that kept sliding up on her head and making her look like a smurf.
I fought off a bad attitude for most of the afternoon, and was late getting ready for evening church.    O fell down the steps at church and scraped his face, and then I lost Kevin somewhere for a half an hour after the service.
We came home. I fed everyone again, and it took longer than usual. I put the kids in bed, but O wouldn't go to sleep. I had discovered molars and other teeth in his mouth earlier, so I assumed he was having trouble because he was teething.
It didn't surprise me. What a day.
 I asked Kevin to hold him for me, and he finally did, setting O beside him in bed. O obligingly went to sleep, straightaway.
I checked on KA. She had fallen asleep in less than a minute after giving up her fight to be up. E was snuggled down on my pillow, sucking her fingers, wearing KA's nightgown. O was snuggled next to his daddy, 2 big, orange bandaids on his head, soother in his mouth... so small; so tough, so tired!
I was, at that moment, overwhelmed with how beautiful life is.
 I am so grateful to God for blessing me with these babies. They are so precious to me!!
I know. Precious is a Hallmark word. I'm sorry. 
They just are.

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